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Christine Miller

Christine specializes in nutritional counseling, functional medicine and medical/integrative nutrition therapy. She assists her clients in resolving health and dietary dilemmas for a wide array of health conditions and wellness goals. Her unique approach has been cultivated over many years thanks to the pioneering work of Dr. Jeffrey Bland, The Institute for Functional Medicine®, and her over 25 years of clinical experience. She is a Tampa, Florida based icensed and Registered Dietitian (RD, LDN) and one of the first two dietitian board certified as a practitioner of functional medicine from the The Institute For Functional Medicine.


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my mission

Providing Exceptionally Personalized Dietary Counseling to Clients.

Regardless of the health challenge: Diabetes management, eating disorders, weight-loss concerns and more; it’s my objective to help each individual to improve and optimize their health through the power of nutrition. As a Certified Practitioner from the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), my approach combines science and research integrated with tailored nutrition therapies that promote wellness and address root imbalances in the health. With selective use of scientifically based natural therapies, achieving optimal health is made an everyday reality.

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