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Consultation Fee $42.50 per 15 minutes

The initial consultation is 90 minutes. Follow-up visits are typically 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

30-minute Phone Q&A $85.00

This is great opportunity to ask your pressing questions and see if you feel Christine is the right fit for your needs. Typically 3-5 questions can be addressed during this phone consult, depending on the complexity of your questions.

About Me

Christine specializes in nutritional counseling, functional medicine and medical/integrative nutrition therapy. She assists her clients in resolving health and dietary dilemmas for a wide array of health conditions and wellness goals. Her unique approach has been cultivated over many years thanks to the pioneering work of Dr. Jeffrey Bland, The Institute for Functional Medicine®, and her over 25 years of clinical experience.

Christine began her professional career in Tampa, Florida upon completion of a Master’s of Science degree in Nutrition in 1991 from Texas Women’s University. In 1994 after training and working extensively with individuals with diabetes, she obtained her CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) specialization. In the fall of 2013, she was one of three nutritionists worldwide to be the first to obtain board certification as a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner from the Institute for Functional Medicine® in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Christine is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine, and the Institute of Functional Medicine®. Christine is available for consultations in office, by phone or as a virtual visit.

Education & Training:

  • 2023 Annual International Conference: Advancements in Clinical Research and Innovative Practices in Functional Medicine JUNE 2023
  • SIBO PRO Course (20 hrs/Dr. Allison Siebecker), January 2020
  • 2019 Annual International Conference “Stress, pain and addiction”, May/June 2019
  • 2018 Annual International Conference “Solving The Puzzle of Autoimmunity”, June 2018
  • “Ketosis & the Ketogenic Diet: A Deep Dive” March, 2018 Dr. Christopher Keroack & Robert Silverman
  • Advanced Clinical Training: Reversing Cognitive Decline (Dr. Dale Bredesen in conjunction with the Institute for Functional Medicine, December, 2017
  • 2017 Annual International Conference “The Dynamic Brain”, June 2017
  • 2016 IFM International Symposium. Topic: Modifiable Lifestyle Factors
  • 2015 IFM International Symposium. Topic: Genetics
  • 2014 IFM International Symposium. Topic: Nutrition
  • 2013 The Institute for Functional Medicine, Certified Practitioner
  • 2012 Cardio-metabolic APM*
  • 2011 Hormone APM*
  • 2010 Gastrointestinal APM*
  • 2010 Immune APM*
  • 2010 Functional Nutrition APM*
  • 2009 Detoxification APM*
  • 2007 AFMCP (Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice)
  • 1992 to present: Registered & Florida Licensed Dietitian (RD,LDN)
  • 1994 to 2019: Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)
  • 1991 Master’s degree in Nutrition, Texas Woman’s University
*APM (Advanced Practice Modules) from the Institute for Functional Medicine
institute of functional medicine

"Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food."

- Hippocrates