Our practice offers local in-person, phone or virtual (internet) appointments.

Our consultations fee is $42.50 per 15 minutes for initial, follow-up, phone, or virtual visits.

Please note that our services are not covered by insurance and we are not contracted with any insurance companies.  Click Here to Learn More

Our office accepts all major forms of payment including cash, check, or credit cards.  Additionally, consultation fees are eligible and reimbursable from HSA (Healthcare Savings) and FSA (Flexible Spending) Accounts.


Initial Consultation $255 (for a 90-minute appointment)

The initial consultation is typically 90 minutes. Periodically, longer sessions (up to 2 hours) are scheduled for those struggling with much more complex medical conditions. If your visit happens to be shorter than anticipated, we will only bill for the actual time spent for the appointment and/or the amount of time needed to generate your individualized summary of recommendations that you will receive with all visits.

Follow-up Visits $42.50 per 15 minutes

Follow up visits are 15, 30, 45, or 60, and (occasionally) 90 minutes. The frequency of follow-up visits varies from person to person. There is no set regime, as the frequency of follow-up depends greatly on your personal needs and goals. Helping you get well and build better health without creating undue financial stress is an important consideration we strive to honor. Our ultimate goal is for you to be healthy and to not need our services long-term.

30-minute phone Q&A $85

This is a great opportunity to ask your pressing questions and see if you feel Christine is the right fit for your needs. Typically 3-5 questions can be addressed during this phone consult, depending on the complexity of your questions.

Please remember that your appointment time has been reserved just for you. As a result of the inability to schedule others who may need appointments in a timely manner, appointments not cancelled 24-hours prior will be charged a late cancellation/missed appointment fee of $50.