Nutrient deficiencies and insufficiencies

Wellness should always begin with FOOD. Unfortunately, many environmental and lifestyle factors can impact our ability to obtain the optimal amounts of essential vitamins, minerals, and other supportive nutrients through diet alone. Common reasons for this may include:

  • Having a higher need due to unique genetic requirements
  • Reduced absorption due to digestive imbalances
  • Increased needs due to environmental toxin exposure
  • Depletion of soil-based nutrients in which plants are grown
  • Dietary limitations due to food allergy, sensitivity, or dislikes
  • Increased needs due to illness, trauma, infection, or surgery
  • Depletions from prescription medications
  • Depletions from stress and insufficient sleep


Safe Supplementation

The two most important issues to consider when purchasing dietary supplements are purity and potency. Although prescription drugs pose a far greater risk, recent data suggests that poorly formulated supplements account for nearly 20% of all liver injuries. These serious problems can be a result of contaminants, counterfeiting, or the use of questionable ingredients.

The most recent report initiated by the New York Attorney General in February of 2015 found that only 21% of herbal supplements sold at several major retailers actually contained the DNA from the plants advertised on the label.

Although the FDA has implemented measures that require a basic level of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s), the challenge of large-scale enforcement and a lack of rigorous standards remain.

Fortunately, independent organizations exist which certify reputable manufacturers who uphold higher standards for purity, potency and quality. At Advanced Nutrition Concepts, we only source our dietary supplements directly from reputable manufacturers with certifications from one or more of the following four agencies:

If you would like to ensure that you are receiving the best quality and value for your dietary supplements, please

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