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Christine is so knowledgeable

"Christine is so knowledgeable and I love that she's a certified functional medicine nutritionist. Her experience is vast and I would recommend and have recommended several people to her. If you're struggling with anything such as inflammation, autoimmunity, skin issues, etc… This is the perfect way to start a journey to good health."


Truly cares about her patients

I came to Christine after spending two years with debilitating fatigue, weight loss, and a long list of unexplained symptoms. During those two years I visited numerous specialties locally and also at the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Mass General and Mt Sinai (NY). I had access to the best MD's in their specialties. Still after 18 MRI and CT scans and 6 incorrect diagnoses I was no closer to an answer and the quality of my life was a just a shadow of what it had been. With that as a background I was going to be a challenging patient for anyone. I decided that maybe there was another answer. I looked for a nutritionist. One with a strong academic background, who had some time in their profession and someone who had a record of staying current professionally. Christine fit all of these criteria. She had one other quality that I came to understand after spending time with her. She truly cares about her patients. Christine's initial emphasis on diet and nutrition was helpful in abating some of my symptoms. Still the larger issues remained. Christine has such a passion for her work and her patients that she worked tirelessly to come up with answers for me. She was always available and spent as much time together as was necessary. If an approach did not work she was quick to consult with her network of academic and medical resources. She has the intellectual curiosity to keep searching for answers and spent countless hours researching my issues. She was totally committed to restoring my health. I am not sure what I expected when I came to visit Christine the first time but it has become the best decision that I have made for my health. It has not been a simple answer or a quick process but today I have 80% of my health back and feel certain that in time the other 20% will come.
- TG

I have never felt better!

I am 28 years old and have struggled with digestive issues since I was a child. I thought that it was just something that I was going to have to live with until I discovered Christine Miller. I have worked with Christine for the past 2 years and she has helped me get down to the root cause of my issues. I immediately felt comfortable talking to her and was confident that I finally found someone who was knowledgeable about nutrition. She took the time to provide nutritional notes that were easy to understand each time we met. The nutritional testing discovered what foods my body is sensitive to and what nutritional supplements I should be taking. I am happy to say that I have never felt better and I cannot thank Christine for being there every step of the way.
- Anonymous

I highly recommend her services

In 2012, I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 46 and began my quest to explore as many options as possible to both maintain and improve upon my health. Although I had been a vegetarian for many years and considered relatively healthy by most, I knew that I needed to work towards changing the "soil" that had allowed the cancer to grow in the first place. Upon the recommendation of my physician, I decided to get serious about my health and finally contacted Christine Miller for a consultation. For almost two years, I have worked very closely with Christine on managing my health through her expert guidance in proper diet and targeted supplementation according to my own very specific needs. Christine has been instrumental in ordering and analyzing the appropriate testing to make sure we are targeting the appropriate areas that address my individual health concerns. Christine is always available to offer her recommendations and works very closely with my personal physician in optimizing and achieving my health goals. Christine has an incredible in-depth knowledge of the human body and operates with the philosophy that getting /staying healthy can be accomplished through methods other than just a prescription. My work with Christine has become an integral part of my overall health plan and I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in living a healthier life.
- A Boitnott

Goes the extra mile

Christine was referred to me by the wellness coordinator in my county. I have been working with her for over five years. Christine has been a huge support to me with my health and has met every challenge I have presented to her. She is a wealth of information, and goes out of her way to support, in a caring, consistent, and professional way. Her willingness to research whatever the issues are is impressive, and affords me options. I feel as though we are a team as we approach every aspect of my health. She listens, considers, and takes my opinions into account as we work towards resolving whatever presents itself. Through our work together, she has uncovered some concerns which my Doctors did not. She has given me advice which has proved invaluable. There are not enough words to express my gratitude, and appreciation for all of the effort she has put into supporting me. If you are looking for a caring professional, who is smart, willing to work with you, and is willing to go the extra mile, to guide you on the road to a more healthy, and productive life, Christine is the person I would recommend, 100%. She has so much to offer her clients.
- CM

Best ally for a healthy life

Christine has, by far, been the leading advocate for good health for our family. When I list the vitamins we take for the doctors during our yearly checkups, they are always impressed that we are taking advantage of all the possible advancements in nutrition that we can for a better, longer life. However, what usually impresses the doctors most when I take my kids in for their yearly sports checkups is the fact that my kids are rarely, if ever, sick. I attribute their good health to the good practices that Christine guides us to make. In two years of school, my kids took off three days, and they were for family vacations. My husband is a marathon runner, free of injuries and I am a half marathoner who is free of injuries. Christine is truly our best ally for a healthy life! We have been her clients for about eleven years.
- DW

More than just a clinician

I was referred to Christine several years ago and utilizing her services was one of my better choices. She always impresses me with the depth of her knowledge of the human body processes and nutrition. I have learned so much about how to care for this amazing body we are given. Her assessment materials are thorough and specific and her dedication to ongoing eduction gives me the confidence in a time when so much information is available and changing. She is more than just a clinician, she comes along side you as an ally in your pursuit of health by giving you the knowledge and direction to make the best choices for your optimum health.
- H Wood

Knowledgeable and Professional

Christine Miller is one of the most knowledgeable and professional providers I have had the pleasure to work with. In addition, she is compassionate and always considers my opinion in my treatment. She listens. She finds solutions. She is accessible. I can recommend her without qualification and I am so glad she is a member of my team!

Christine takes the worry out of not knowing what to do...

It had been awhile I had been thinking my nutrition needed some assistance. I was absolutely sure I wasn't even sure what good nutrition was! Everyone has their own concept of what is good and not so good and frankly I was tired of wondering about it since now I didn't feel my optimum, not even close. I stumbled onto Christine from a friend of a friend of a friend and have been so very pleased that I followed my instincts! As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't feeling quite myself, couldn't pin point it but I do know my body was in need of some adjustments in the nourishment department: I was always hungry (scary -didn't know what to eat!), losing quite a lot of weight (dream come true! - but now losing too much weight!). Christine has me going in the right direction. She works together with my doctors and I am feeling so much better. I actually have more energy and that is a plus in my "Golden Years!" She takes the worry out of not knowing what to do.Feeling good is a priority of mine along with knowing what to do and not relying on just here- say!
- Anonymous

Our "go-to" person for all things nutritional!

My husband and I have been clients of Christine's for more than 10 years, first due to my husband's diabetes (since that is one of her specialties) and then as our "go-to" person for all things nutritional. We really appreciated her thoughtful and considered approach to diet, health and exercise, and her ability to come up with plans that would flex as our lifestyles changed. While offering a pragmatic approach to nutrition and diet, Christine also stays abreast of all the latest nutritional science and information, and is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met on this subject. We feel very fortunate to have Christine as part of our healthcare team! We still consult with her when we find ourselves in need of a "pep talk"!
- LM & JB