Advanced Nutrition Concepts offers a variety of specialized nutrition and functional medicine-based laboratory assessments. These measures can provide a deeper view into your specific nutritional needs. More importantly, they can potentially uncover factors that may be impeding healing or your efforts to optimize your health and energy levels.

For onsite visit we offer simple and non-invasive InBody body composition testing to track body fat, lean body mass, and other important parameters.

Testing can be done in the comfort of your own home or may require a specialized blood draw. General types of testing offered by specialty labs include:

  • Nutrient (vitamins, minerals, fatty/amino acids, free radicals & glutathione)
  • Food sensitivity and gluten sensitivity
  • Digestive (SIBO breath testing and advanced stool testing)
  • DNA based profiles (methylation, diet, gluten, and overall health)
  • Hormonal panels
  • Toxin-related panels

Our office is proud to partner with the following labs that are the leaders in providing integrative laboratory testing:

The cost of testing is dictated by the labs patient-direct fee. There are no additional charges or fees for these panels, other than a kit fee ($35 per kit) and the consultation fee to review the results.